Chloie Piveral is a writer of whimsical angst.


A transplant from the American Midwest, she now lives near the mountains in Colorado. She spends most of her time secluded in an office, plying her craft while nursing her coffee and poncho addictions.

She's a 2015 graduate of The Odyssey Writing Workshop 
and a member of Codex.

You can follow her on twitter here: @C_Piveral






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  • "The issue begins with 'This Is the Thing' by Chloie Piveral. Nice, effective tale with a good sense of unease."  -SFRevu

  • "A hissing respirator, a body trapped in an institution, and a mind looking for a way out… Piveral goes deep into the dreamlike, slip-sliding world of someone who isn’t all there and isn’t all gone either, and spins a chilling and suspenseful tale full." -Maria Haskins: 10 must-read fantasy & science fiction stories

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