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A transplant from the American Midwest, I now live near the mountains of Colorado with my family and a rescue dog named Ziggy.


Described as a writer of "whimsical angst," I'm an MFA graduate of the USM Stonecoast program, an Odyssey Writing Workshop graduate, and a member of Codex.  

My short stories have appeared in the ZNB Press anthology, Year OneFlame Tree Press anthology, Robots & Artificial Intelligence, Apparition Literary Magazine, NewMythsKaleidotrope, and more. Many of the stories are available online. If you would like to read more, check out my publications page link, located under the windup black lagoon creature.

You can find me on                  : or email me at chloiepiveral @ gmail dot com



Chloie Piveral Author Writer


  • At the end of July I earned my MFA from the University of Southern Maine's Stonecoast program.



  • Look what was waiting for me when I returned from Readercon! 

Out Now:

Release date: July 1st 2023


ZNB PRESENTS: YEAR ONE! is now available in trade paperback. In this anthology you can find my story "We Go!" alongside other fabulous tales. It is the story of a has-been space jockey running his last race, confronting his legacy, his fear, and the consequences of his actions for the alien force that drives his coaster.


Order a copy here: Kindle, Barnes & Noble, or the ZNB Online Store

Welcome to the first year’s worth of stories from the new online magazine ZNB Presents published by the small press Zombies Need Brains. In these pages, you will find original science fiction and fantasy stories of awe and wonder, darkness and light, ranging through all of the subgenres, including urban fantasy, alternate history, space opera, fairy tales, and more. They come from the most talented authors in the field today—new voices as well as trusted and familiar names. Join us as we explore visions of the past, present, and future, as we encounter strange new creatures, both in our own backyard, in the depths of space, and our own imagination. Here you will: --Enter an abandoned colony on a hostile world --Stop time in order to search for a missing child --Come face-to-face with a horrific Stampede on an alien planet --Battle a murderous golem made of salt --Fight in the brutal pits of an apocalyptic America --Race one final time on a futuristic gravity track --Find betrayal and redemption in a world full of clowns --Hunt for those who are killing your fellow gunslingers --Rebel with the Little Match Girl in a search for a fate beyond her story And so much more! Twenty-four stories written by Brian Hugenbruch, Jason Palmatier, Diana A. Hart, Evan Marcroft, Cislyn Smith, Hazel King, Barbara Ashford, Ryan T. McFadden, Maria Z. Medina, Adria Bailton, Marie Brennan, Crystal Sarakas, Marc Fleury, Anaea Lay, Desmond Astaire, A. Katherine Black, P.A. Cornell, Alma Alexander, Antony Paschos, Jack Gallegos, Brian Crenshaw, Chloie Piveral, Evergreen Lee, and L.D. Colter, each with its own illustration by artists Kat D’Andrea, Ariel Guzman, or Gulzara Tokhtamysheva. Welcome to the multifaceted worlds of ZNB Presents. Find us on Patreon at:

Note: Many of the online magazines that pay for content still offer the stories to readers like you for free. These markets are often a lifeline for art, new voices, alternative perspectives, and a moment of joy in our world. Your donation means the world to them! Please contribute when you can, even a dollar or two adds so much to our world.​ Thank you!


  • "The issue begins with 'This Is the Thing' by Chloie Piveral. Nice, effective tale with a good sense of unease."  -SFRevu

  • "A hissing respirator, a body trapped in an institution, and a mind looking for a way out… Piveral goes deep into the dreamlike, slip-sliding world of someone who isn’t all there and isn’t all gone either, and spins a chilling and suspenseful tale full." -Maria Haskins: 10 must-read fantasy & science fiction stories

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